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Let’s get started with some of my favorite views around our home this fall! First, I’m completely in love with the new door color , and the addition of a easy fall floral wreath and a few pumpkins create a charming, and not overwhelming, entrance to our house. Put together Area: First, in a five gallon bucket, combine the TSP with water at the ratio requested on the skin of the TSP bundle. Ensure you don’t fill the five gallon bucket so full you can not carry it. In the other bucket, fill it about midway with plain water. Once the buckets are prepared, make sure to place large rags beneath the part of wall the place you intend to work. My husband and I used a small ramp, where we set the rags over the end of it. That way, the rags were pressed securely against the wall above the baseboards; subsequently, when we were washing the walls, there was no water injury to the baseboards, because it dripped on the towel, not the baseboards. That is very tiring work, so it would be best to select a five foot part to start with. Then, as soon as that is accomplished, go into the subsequent 5 foot section, working your way across the room, till the room is completed.

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