Can you Install Laminate Wood Flooring in Bathrooms?

Can you Install Laminate Wood Flooring in Bathrooms

In short, yes, you can install laminate flooring in bathrooms. With wooden décor in bathrooms hitting the trends you should know that laminate is an option, but is not without its pros and cons.This article covers some things to take into consideration when choosing the material to use for your bathroom and why laminate remains a valid option.

Why choose laminate for your home?

Laminate wood flooring is made of wood chips that have been pressed together under high temperatures. It resembles or casts the same effect as hardwood at a fraction of the cost. It is the ideal vector for bringing the classic look of wooden accents to your home without breaking the bank.

Laminate is a breeze to clean and with minimal maintenance you can keep it looking spiffy for years to come. It provides thermal insulation as well diminishing the sounds associated with creaking wooden floors.

The Pros and Cons of using Laminate Wood Flooring in your Bathroom


1. It is quick and easy to install yourself if you are a DIY buff and even easier and faster to have professionally installed

2. Wood laminate flooring does not scuff, scratch or dent easily. So if you are to accidently drop bottles or your appliances they will be much less likely to damage your floors.

3. They are easy to clean and a simple wipe-down with a damp mop is enough to keep it looking great.

4. No creaking or cracking will erupt from laminate wood flooring the way it does from hardwood floors.

5. The variety of finishes available mean you can choose a tile or slate look without spending a fortune on the real thing. You can have your choice of any material with laminate wood floorings’ ability to mimic almost any surface texture.

6. Puts a spring in your step, literally.


1. Laminate wood flooring is slippery when wet. This is easily avoidable by using a bath mat in your bathroom, and next to the shower too.

2. Excess water left on laminate floors can cause excessive moisture to be present for long enough to penetrate the wood. When the moisture penetrates the particles of wood laminate flooring it can result in the floor warping. Laminate wood flooring cannot be refinished so will need to be replaced.

Have your floors professionally installed by a trustworthy installer from FLOORIN. See our showroom for inspiration and contact us for quality laminate wood flooring.

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