Importance of Entry Doors Kick Plates

Importance of Entry Doors Kick Plates

Entry doors kick plates play a significant role in the protection of your entry doors. The door kicks are mostly found in commercial and business structures. For instance, the business environment attracts many people from all walks of life, and many are the times that they kick the entry doors. Regarding this, most businesses find installing door kick plates imperative and not optional.

Can you imagine the rate at which your home doors can wear out if you don’t use door kickplates? It is evident that your door’s lifespan will be shorter than you expected. In return, the entry doors end up costing you more money on replacements. As your caring partner, we learned how much it cost you on entry door’s replacements because you didn’t know about kick plates. We bring to light some facts about doors kick plates in big cities that will be helpful ideas to you.

1. What Is A Door Kick Plate?

Door kick plates are extensions at the bottom of the door that are meant to minimize the friction of your door over time, usually installed on the doors push side. The standard height of door kick plates is normally ten to sixteen inches, but then this depends on the door area to be covered. The materials that are mostly used for making entry doors kick plates are stainless steel and aluminum. You can select your most preferred materials.

Are Kick Plates Necessary

The reason behind installing kick plates is to offer protection for … Read More

Can you Install Laminate Wood Flooring in Bathrooms?

Can you Install Laminate Wood Flooring in Bathrooms

In short, yes, you can install laminate flooring in bathrooms. With wooden décor in bathrooms hitting the trends you should know that laminate is an option, but is not without its pros and cons.This article covers some things to take into consideration when choosing the material to use for your bathroom and why laminate remains a valid option.

Why choose laminate for your home?

Laminate wood flooring is made of wood chips that have been pressed together under high temperatures. It resembles or casts the same effect as hardwood at a fraction of the cost. It is the ideal vector for bringing the classic look of wooden accents to your home without breaking the bank.

Laminate is a breeze to clean and with minimal maintenance you can keep it looking spiffy for years to come. It provides thermal insulation as well diminishing the sounds associated with creaking wooden floors.

The Pros and Cons of using Laminate Wood Flooring in your Bathroom


1. It is quick and easy to install yourself if you are a DIY buff and even easier and faster to have professionally installed

2. Wood laminate flooring does not scuff, scratch or dent easily. So if you are to accidently drop bottles or your appliances they will be much less likely to damage your floors.

3. They are easy to clean and a simple wipe-down with a damp mop is enough to keep it looking great.

4. No creaking or cracking will erupt from laminate wood flooring … Read More

Know Your Layers: Wood Laminate Flooring

Know Your Layers Wood Laminate Flooring

High affordability and durability, along with the versatility to look like anything your heart desires, have made wood laminate flooring one of the most popular flooring choices for modern homes. That’s great, don’t misunderstand, but how much do you really know about your floor aside from what it looks like and how much you paid for it? Now that I’ve got you thinking…

How is wood laminate flooring made?

Wood laminate flooring is made by compressing wood chips into a solid layer or ‘plank’. To finish the process off this layer becomes the core above and below which another three or four layers are bonded to make a complete laminate plank or block.

The following layers are what you will typically what you will find in a four-layer wood laminate plank:

Layer #1: Plastic

This first, lowest layer is the one that will be making contact with your original flooring surface. The reason for this layer being made of plastic is because its job is to protect the compressed wood core of your new floor against rising damp. When properly installed by professional laminate flooring installers you can be assured that there will be no gaps in this layer for dampness or moisture to seep up and warp or distort your core layer, ensuring a long-lasting floor.

Layer #2: Compressed wood core

Wood laminate flooring’s amazingly eco-friendly and affordable strength lies here. This layer is made up of chips and bits of wood that have been compressed into a dense … Read More

3 Tips to Develop a Successful Ecommerce Side Business

While brick and mortar stores decline, the ecommerce industry is booming. Statista predicts that over $460 million in revenue will be generated from ecommerce sales in the United States this year; that number is up 13 percent from 2017. Amazon is valued at roughly $675 billion, and its share price is up 24 percent this month alone.

 But ecommerce success isn’t limited to brand name organizations with thousands of employees. Entrepreneurs are also finding success with the ecommerce business model. If you’ve been considering launching an ecommerce side business, but want to ensure you can achieve a healthy profit, here are a few tips for success:

1. Keep overhead as low as possible

As a “solopreneur,” it’s important to reduce overhead as much as possible. A side hustle shouldn’t require significant upfront investment to produce meaningful results.

One way to operate a cost-effective ecommerce business is by dropshipping products instead of warehousing them. Oberlo makes it easy for ecommerce business owners to find products which wholesalers are willing to warehouse and ship directly to the customer on your behalf. As a result, ecommerce business owners avoid paying for inventory or warehouse space, since orders are only fulfilled when a customer makes a purchase.

Another way to keep overhead low is by using an ecommerce hosting platform rather than paying to build a site from scratch. According to AtlanticBT, it costs roughly $10,000 to build a custom ecommerce site, with prices even reaching the $100,000 mark for work-intensive designs.… Read More

Learn About the Cost of Replacing Windows in Your Home

Learn About the Cost of Replacing Windows in Your Home

Wondering about the cost of replacing your windows but not sure where to start? There are many factors and options when it comes to new windows.  Picture or hung, vinyl or wood and so much more. So you can imagine that the difference in cost varies between all the options.

But not to worry. There are ways to lower your cost of replacing windows and still get great efficiency and value for your money. Take a look at these ideas, then contact a local window expert when you are ready.

Window Replacement Factors

On average, the cost to replace 5 – 10 windows is $4,400. The more windows you replace, the higher your cost will be. There are choices you can make to increase or decrease the cost. So to help you decide which options you need, take a look at these factors.

  1. Type of Window
    The type of window plays a big part in the price. For example, casement windows cost more because they are more energy efficient. But they save money on energy costs. These windows are a popular choice for replacing your windows. Single pane windows are more affordable. Most homeowners get different window types to meet their needs.
  1. Number of Windows
    Most homeowners replace windows a few at a time instead of all at once. Windows are priced on a per window basis. So the more windows you replace, the more it will cost.
  1. Window Frames
    There are options for vinyl, wood and aluminum window frames.
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