Know Your Layers: Wood Laminate Flooring

Know Your Layers Wood Laminate Flooring

High affordability and durability, along with the versatility to look like anything your heart desires, have made wood laminate flooring one of the most popular flooring choices for modern homes. That’s great, don’t misunderstand, but how much do you really know about your floor aside from what it looks like and how much you paid for it? Now that I’ve got you thinking…

How is wood laminate flooring made?

Wood laminate flooring is made by compressing wood chips into a solid layer or ‘plank’. To finish the process off this layer becomes the core above and below which another three or four layers are bonded to make a complete laminate plank or block.

The following layers are what you will typically what you will find in a four-layer wood laminate plank:

Layer #1: Plastic

This first, lowest layer is the one that will be making contact with your original flooring surface. The reason for this layer being made of plastic is because its job is to protect the compressed wood core of your new floor against rising damp. When properly installed by professional laminate flooring installers you can be assured that there will be no gaps in this layer for dampness or moisture to seep up and warp or distort your core layer, ensuring a long-lasting floor.

Layer #2: Compressed wood core

Wood laminate flooring’s amazingly eco-friendly and affordable strength lies here. This layer is made up of chips and bits of wood that have been compressed into a dense fibreboard, making it a great way to recycle wood without needing to chop down trees. It’s also biodegradable, should your floor ever need replacing.

Layer #3: Design layer

Everybody’s favourite feature is, arguably, this design layer. Using high-resolution digital imaging and specialised printing technology manufacturers are able to print any look you want onto this layer. Here is where you get your flexibility to choose whether you want a pine, oak, stone or even steel floor look. All you need is a reliable laminate flooring installer to make sure it all lines up properly and lasts so that you get to keep the wonder of wood laminate flooring for as long as you like.

Layer #4: Wear layer

The topmost layer, the wear layer, as its name implies is the layer responsible for handling all the wear and tear on your wood laminate flooring. It is made up of a clear coating (generally aluminium oxide) which is applied on top of the design layer to protect it against any stains, scratches or any other damage that your floors are exposed to.

As you can see, wood laminate flooring is designed to give you the best you could want for your floors while also protecting itself from all sides. This ensures that you have what you want, at a great price, and that it will last. All that’s left for you to do is choose the look you want and get a professional laminate flooring installer to guarantee that it is installed to last the way it should.

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