Learn About the Cost of Replacing Windows in Your Home

Learn About the Cost of Replacing Windows in Your Home

Wondering about the cost of replacing your windows but not sure where to start? There are many factors and options when it comes to new windows.  Picture or hung, vinyl or wood and so much more. So you can imagine that the difference in cost varies between all the options.

But not to worry. There are ways to lower your cost of replacing windows and still get great efficiency and value for your money. Take a look at these ideas, then contact a local window expert when you are ready.

Window Replacement Factors

On average, the cost to replace 5 – 10 windows is $4,400. The more windows you replace, the higher your cost will be. There are choices you can make to increase or decrease the cost. So to help you decide which options you need, take a look at these factors.

  1. Type of Window
    The type of window plays a big part in the price. For example, casement windows cost more because they are more energy efficient. But they save money on energy costs. These windows are a popular choice for replacing your windows. Single pane windows are more affordable. Most homeowners get different window types to meet their needs.
  1. Number of Windows
    Most homeowners replace windows a few at a time instead of all at once. Windows are priced on a per window basis. So the more windows you replace, the more it will cost.
  1. Window Frames
    There are options for vinyl, wood and aluminum window frames. Wood is almost always the most expensive. It gives your home a rich, cozy feel, but does cost more. Vinyl is a cheaper and often more durable option.
  1. Installation Costs
    Most homeowners hire a reliable window contracting crew to replace their windows. However, there can be a big difference in price and expertise from one installation company to the next. So shop around and request quotes from several companies. Most reputable companies will give you a free quote so you know the cost of replacing windows for your home.
  1. Location & Time
    Depending on where you live and where the installer lives, you may pay more for installation. And if you need a rush job, you will probably pay more. If your window installer has a great reputation in your area, you may pay more for that expertise as well.

    All of these factors impact the cost of replacing windows. So when looking at cost, you need to decide which ones are most important to you.

Ways to Decrease Your New Window Cost

There are ways to lower your cost of replacing windows. Check with your window company to see if they offer any volume discounts. Many will offer you some savings if you replace all the windows in your home at once.

Larger windows are less expensive than several smaller windows. Since installation is usually based on a per window price, fewer windows mean less cost. Plus, the amount of glass installed makes a difference. The more glass you have per frame, the less it costs per square foot.

Now that you have some tips for the cost of replacing windows, shop around to get some ideas. Then get in touch with some local window companies to start your project.

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