Tips For Cleaning Laminate Flooring

Tips for cleaning laminate flooring

Laminate floors are low maintenance, for all intents and purposes, but to keep them looking spiffy there are a few small steps you can take to make sure they stay looking brand new for years to come. The urgency of these steps varies but if you follow these simple rules your floors will last longer than most.

Just a splash of water every few months

The frequency with which the floors need to be cleaned thoroughly in a Cinderella fashion are few and far between. You only have to wet wash your floors every few months. Even then all it takes is a bucket of hot water and a mopping of the entire area, especially places that have become muddy or saturated with dirt.

You do not need the regular list of products you would need to clean other types of floors like:

  • Oil soaps
  • Waxes
  • Polishes
  • Ammonia (or products that contain it)
  • Steam mops (these can warp the floor)

Hot water is all you will need to get your laminate floors a-glow (a splash of baby shampoo to add more sparkle). Because water is the mildest cleaner it is one of the few things that will never damage the protective laminate coating and is mild enough to not leave any streaks if you have used a clean mop. Make sure you dry it off nicely to avoid water stains and you’re all done for the next few months. If the floor is slightly damp but not moist you can even leave it to air-dry.

Sweep every few days

You will have to rid the floor of dust more often than a thorough cleaning with a mop as described above. This is quick and easy and will avoid scratches being left by dust that has been left there overtime. A quick sweep with a soft bristled broom or a speedy vacuum with a soft brush attachment will do the trick.

Be sure to sweep in the direction that the laminate tiles have been laid to ensure that you pick up any debris that may have become struck in these grooves and gaps. If there are scratches, stains or scuffs simply make a vinegar and water solution which you can spray on and wipe off to remove. When mopping you will go across them to make sure every corner is clean.

Cleaning to do as soon as possible

You should clean up spills on laminate floors immediately! If liquid is left to dry it may draw into the laminate and cause it to warp. Even then it is easy enough. Take a damp, soft cloth and clean the spill, just be sure to clean up any moisture left over so the area doesn’t remain wet.

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