Various type of scholarly literature that can be published in scientific journals

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Scholarly literature can be of various types and when some literature is made from original research some are based on other published work. The literature that is made from the original research is called primary literature and those that are made from other’s published work are called secondary literature. But before you publish your literature on scientific journal it is very important to know the different types of scholarly literature that can be published in the scientific journal.

Possible types of scientific publications

The following are some types of research studies that can be published in any reputed science journals:

  • Originals research: In almost all science journalism studies that report original research is published which are categorized as primary literature. This type of research work includes hypothesis, background study, methods, outcome, and interpretations of findings as well as discussion of possible implications. Generally, these types of findings are long and require a significant amount of time.
  • Review article: This is a type of scholarly literature that provides a critical and constructive of existing literature. In this type of work, the author presents the summary, analysis, and comparison of a particular subject that is already published. Apart from that, this type of work the author tries to find out specific gaps or problems in the existing published literature and tries to rectify the issues. Generally, review articles are of three types and they are literature review, systematic reviews, and meta-analysis.
  • Case study: This type of research work presents the details of
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